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Auto Insurance

We all know that you are required, by law, to maintain valid auto insurance in California. Did you know that if your auto insurance cancels, an automatic notice is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the DMV will suspend your registration?

However, the biggest reason to carry auto insurance coverage is not because California Law says you must. The biggest reason to have auto insurance is to make sure that if you cause a car accident, you can afford to pay for the damage you caused. This coverage is called liability, and if you don’t have it, or have it, but carry low coverage limits, you could be setting yourself up for a financial disaster. Don’t believe the myth that if you don’t have anything they (other party, lawyers, and court) can’t get anything. The truth is in a court settlement, future wages can be attached; properties can have liens placed against them, and more.

In addition to liability coverage, you will want to protect yourself from other drivers who carry no or low liability insurance by purchasing uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage at limits matching your liability coverage. You may also want to protect your vehicle by purchasing physical damage coverage for your car called collision and comprehensive coverage.

Read About the Different Types of Auto Coverage

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Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

Liability Protection

This coverage pays others those amounts for which you become legally liable due to an auto accident. This may include drivers, passengers or pedestrians. You also receive coverage for payments of amounts for which you are found liable for damage to another’s property as the result of an auto accident. This also pays for legal defence costs if you are sued.

Medical Payments Protection

This coverage pays reasonable medical expenses for you or members of your family if you are injured in an auto accident or as a pedestrian struck by an auto. This protection is extended to others who are injured while occupying your auto.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

This coverage provides bodily injury coverage for accidents caused by a hit-and-run driver or uninsured driver which occurs when you or your family are driving a covered auto, or while you are a pedestrian. In some states, uninsured motorists protection also covers property damage. Underinsured Motorists Coverage pays for damage you are legally entitled to recover from another party when that person’s liability insurance is not adequate to cover your loss.

Collision Protection

This coverage protects you from loss caused by damage to your auto by collision with another object.

Comprehensive Protection

This coverage pays for other losses to your auto. Included is damage or loss to your auto caused by fire, theft, glass breakage, falling objects, natural disasters, vandalism and other causes of loss.

Additional Protection

You can round out your protection with these optional coverages:

Towing and labour costs coverage, to pay for emergency repairs and/or towing when your car breaks down.

Rental reimbursement for the expense of renting a substitute vehicle when there is a loss to your car.

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